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    News — Copa America

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    Copa America 2019

    Copa America 2019 | YL department of sports

    The Copa America is known for its spirit, controversy and upsets throughout its history, and the 2019 tournament will strengthen this reputation. Between Lionel Messi’s corruption claims, Peru’s fairy tail story of shock victories, and a failed streak attempt by the UCL 2019 final’s streaker Kinsey Wolanski, the tournament has been an exciting one for the neutrals.


    Understanding the scheduling of the Copa America is hard enough. The tournaments continue to occur irregularly since its inception with some being a year apart whereas in other years there has been four year waits, with even two tournaments occurring in the same year in 1959.


    The favourites of Brazil claimed their ninth title edging slightly closer to second most title winners of Argentina winning fourteen, with Uruguay leading with fifteen titles, most recently winning the 2011 tournament