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    New Football Laws

    New Football Laws | YL department of sports

    introduced for the 2019 – 2020 season. First and foremost, attempts have been made to clarify the handball law. Accidental handball is now an offence  if it results in a goal, if a player’s hand or arm is raised above their shoulder, or it makes their shape “unnaturally bigger”. Drop balls will no longer be contested, whilst the requirement that a goal kick must first clear the area before another player on the same side can touch it, has been abolished. And the practice of an attacking team putting members of their side in the defensive wall of their opponents is now no longer allowed.

    And, in a bid to clean-up touchline behaviour, coaches and managers are now responsible for the conduct of anybody who sits on their bench, and will receive yellow, or even red, cards in the case of major transgressions.