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    Being a Great Football Player

    Being a Great Football Player | YL department of sports

    It is the dream of many a boy, and, increasingly, girls as well. To become a great football player and to enjoy the rewards and recognition that comes with such a status. There is an argument that great players are not made but instead are born but, almost all top players have some commonality, including excellent technique, peak physical conditioning, the ability to read the game, mental toughness and the capacity to deal with pressure.

    They also need to be team players. Football is a team sport and somebody who does not put their talents at the disposal of the team can never achieve all that they might in the game, because they need the help of other people to shine.

    Last and not least, great football players work hard. They are the ones who stay after training or in the gym to hone their skills and fitness, long after their lesser talented colleagues have all left for home.