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    News — Soccer competition

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    MLS New Clubs

    MLS New Clubs | YL department of sports

    The American Major League Soccer competition is on its way to having the highest number of teams competing in a tier one professional domestic league on the planet. Currently at twenty-four teams and confirmed be twenty-eight by 202, the United States Soccer Federation announced in April from their New York City headquarters that their intention is to have thirty clubs in the near future.


    With six clubs established or promoted from lower divisions since 2015, both local & international financial injection as well as strict ownership and management regulations imposed by the federation has seen the completion sky rocket in popularity, and has even helped improve the marketability and popularity the lower national & professional leagues of the USL Championship (tier two) and United Soccer League (tier three). With a higher supply of players and sponsors, 2019 will be inaugural season of the splitting of the USL championship into two separate tier three leagues, being the USL League One and the National Independent Soccer