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    HOW CAN FOOTBALL AFFECT YOU AS A PERSON? | YL department of sports

    Football can play a significant role in the life of individuals either as a player or as a spectator. Playing football can affect men in the following ways:

    Overpowering Adversity: The game of football can help humans overcome adversity. Footballers during a football match often lag behind by a lone goal or two, the determination helps them come back stronger and this can be transmitted to other areas of life as it will help to withstand and stay ahead of difficult situations.

    Effective Planning: The game of football deals with planning from constant training on the field of play. A continuous participation in the game of football can be reflected in the life of men as it helps them stay more organized and live life better.

    Improvement in work ethics: A constant game of football means more training which allows players improve generally in the way they work generally as they transmit this to their daily life constantly.