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    WHY PLAY SOCCER AT AGE 30-50 | YL department of sports

    Soccer is a beautiful game that should not be restricted to any age group. It is important for individuals between the ages of 30-50 to organize soccer tournament that can help improve their general well-being. Research shows that participating in steady soccer twice or thrice a week for men between ages 30-50 has psychological, social, and mental benefits.  Some of the benefits include

    • An improved cardiovascular health, postural strength, and improved bone density. A general improvement in their psychological well-being
    • There was an improved sense of social belongings which improved largely the mental health of men within that age group.
    • An improvement in the muscle mass is also evident and it also reduces a lot of worry and anxiety after playing time.

    The fitness and fun derived are very important to keep the body in good shape. The general improvement felt in the bone is also a strong indication of why it is beneficial to play soccer between ages 30-50.